My First Bait!

I’m waiting for a larger hard drive for my PC but figured I shouldn’t let the lack of a VM stop me so yesterday I began calling BobRTC numbers. It was pretty disappointing. Four of them didn’t work and the fifth hung up on me less than a minute in. But undeterred I decided to try again today. Even worse. I went through 10 numbers that all either didn’t answer or were disconnected.

Until I finally actually got through to an Amazon refunder. By now I was really anxious to get my $499 refund. I managed to slow-walk him through 15 minutes, all the way up to my typing "t...e...a...m..." (on the computer I don't have yet). Then I had another (real) appointment I had to go to, so sadly I had to hang up on him. At least now I've got a whole 6.5 XP! Yippee!

But I have a few questions if I may.

  • 1.

    Is there a way in BobRTC to put scammers on hold, while I answer the door, take a call waiting or whatever? It would have wasted more of his time if I could have done that rather than just hanging up on a live one.

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    The Youtube BobRTC tutorial mentions a way to get a fake persona (name, email, etc) but I don't see how to call that feature.

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