My cousin is getting threats from a scammer

Scammer’s Number: 262-674-6514
Domains Used: Sly Stallone
Extra Info: My cousin was told by someone that they knew Sylvester Stallone’s phone number. She had messaged him on Instagram and Twitter, etc. The person who phoned her was not Sylvester Stallone but a scammer who is insisting she gives him money and he has many very serious threats, saying he will come to her house. She told him where she lives and she regrets doing that. The person is obviously not Sylvester Stallone but a scammer. If anyone could call the number and tell the person to stop giving threats or whatever you want to say to mess with him, that would be great. I’m making this message on her behalf because she told me what is happening and isn’t sure how to handle the situation.


Boda scam baits … he may helpjust called she was like OMFG… who keeps… Click

Do u have right number ?

Hopefully she won’t get more calls. I asked her to tell me the number if she receives another call from him/them.

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She gave me another number from someone texting her about the same thing. 667-803-0635

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Perhaps the woman’s name is Sarah Bella. That was the name the person used who told my cousin she knew Sylvester Stallone’s number.

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My cousin gave me the last number that the person used to call. I’ll ask her if she called the number back. It could have been rerouted from somewhere else. The person who first messaged her and said “I know Sylvester Stallone’s number” was a woman. The person who called her had another number at first and then changed it. They could have changed it again.

I confronted the person on the first number. That number might’ve been changed.

To get a reaction out the texter, I sent the person these messages:

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Tried call got “The number you are trying to reach us no longer in service”


If they call back, keep us posted, please.


I definitely will. I asked my cousin to give a screenshot if and when they call back again. I don’t know where they’re located but possibly in the United States. The woman said my cousin was a thief and wanted money and then the man who called her insisted on getting money and gave very very serious threats to my cousin.

Thank you so much! My cousin has apparently got more calls she blocked, some pretending to Sly Stallone and some being random scammers and she blocked all of them but I asked her to give me a screenshot of the numbers so I’ll include a couple of pictures. The first number I gave on my first post could have been the woman scammers number. I’m only going by what my cousin told me and she says it’s been going on for a couple of years.

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Here are the phone systems that I found:

Number (762) 435-8223
Carrier IP Horizon-ATLC/4
Number (773) 470-5222
Carrier T-Mobile US:6529 - SVR/2
Number (775) 259-8589
Carrier Onvoy LLC-Neutral Tandem-NSR-10X/1
Number (775) 628-4136
Carrier Onvoy LLC-Neutral Tandem-NSR-10X/1
Number (844) 417-1856
Number (844) 581-0706
Number (202) 819-9764
Carrier T-Mobile US:6529 - SVR/2
Number (202) 848-2146
Carrier T-Mobile US:6529 - SVR/2
Number (205) 946-5657
Carrier Level 3/1
Number (209) 273-3178
Number (212) 479-1704
Carrier Twilio International/4
Number (214) 817-9454
Carrier T-Mobile US:6529 - SVR/2

Could you help me report these numbers? I would appreciate it.

I’m emailing them now, hopefully action is taken.

IP Horizon - :white_check_mark:

T-Mobile - (773) 470-5222 - :white_check_mark:

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I called all the numbers. S one not avail want opt out push 2 some ring out 1 text now # all VMs.

This is a screenshot of numbers my cousin posted to me a few minutes ago. I’m assuming they are new.

You should contact law enforcement. Also, I suggest sending them this thread as it could give some evidence as to what’s going on. Threats to someone over the phone or by SMS is considered a felony. I’m sorry your cousin is getting so many text messages from scammers.

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Spot on. Threats by electronic means is, indeed a felony.

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I’ll let my cousin know. Hopefully she can do that.

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