Multiple numbers

I don’t guarantee that they will always work, but they worked the last time I called these two, go ahead and try them out for yourself!

  • 1. +1 (855) 332-0124
  • 2. +1 (888) 392-3295
  • Both of these numbers claim to be technical support, when in reality they're actually scams, second one claims they're from microsoft.

    I’d recommend adding the phone number tag and providing more information about the numbers.


    @FuelDaFlame#6637 Done; thanks for the advice.

    No problem! Which one claimed to be Microsoft, I want to have some fun with them. @Inpersan#6625

    @FuelDaFlame#6653 Second one

    2nd didn’t work on FireRTC.

    @FuelDaFlame#6728 It seems to only work on talkatone,

    Ah well at least it is live.

    1 (888) 392-3295

    They call me, I get the support pins from them, put them on hold then I call LogMeIn or GoToAssist who shuts them down pronto.

    What is this special company?

    LogMeIn / GoToAssist :slight_smile: