Multi quiz number where you select good offers and it goes for hours and hours

+1 800-335-9195

Multi quiz number where you can select ''good'' offers (scam) very funny when u reach sales agent !

(Healt quot number +1 855-970-2892)

This isn’t “General Discussion” and it needs “Phone Number” and “Tech Support Scam” tags.


@CoinTroller#7826 post a popup or more evidence.


@1337mathster#7871 Wasnt a pop up, it was ad


If you have no evidence of them doing something illegal, I’m going to delete the thread.

@1337mathster#7906 Chill. You don’t have to delete the threads. I searched for this number and it’s reported as a scam on other websites also.

@thunder#7989 If someone has got the proof then I’m all for keeping it.

@1337mathster#7990 we dont need proof. Though if you find out it’s not a scam number then you should remove the post.

@thunder#7991 Ik but the reason I asked for more evidence specifically here was because the number was obtained from an ad and not a popup. But like I said before, considering that you have proof that it’s a scammer, I agree that the post should be restored.

Im srsly dying right now xD