MSN/Outlook/Hotmail Password Recovery

Tech support scammer for all scam baiters to have fun with. Thanks to the idiot that posted the phone number on a video on my YT account:

Phone number: +18887384333



@TheAstro30#4235 Give their owner a call and tell him what you think of their spamvertising.

I’ll do that. Interesting thing to note is that ‘Bhola’ means innocent in Hindi!

edit: That cell phone number is no longer valid.

@1337mathster#4254 I called him ~40 times before I posted it, he may have disabled it ?

Kept the hot mail guy busy for about 2 hours. Almost got him to download my rat but he didn’t make me pay yet. he said he will call me back in a few days and I will “pay” then. (gave him fake credit card) so when it gets denied I will try to convince him to download the paymentgate which is just my rat. Either way I’m happy because I kept them busy for a while.