Msinfo32 Virtualbox

I run a Windows 10 virtualmachine from Virtualbox on a Linux host. Do any of you know how to spoof msinfo32? I want to remove virtualbox and oracle from it.

I know how to do it on VMware, guess its not gonna help you but maybe someone else will see this. Write “SMBIOS.reflectHost = TRUE” (without ") in the Windows 10 .vmx file. Thats it. I switched from VirtualBox (even though its better in my opinion) to VMware because the scammers kept checking my msinfo32 and after seeing that its a VM they just say Goodbye, have a nice day lol. Also if you want to remove Virtual Machine: Yes from the Task Manager (this is very inconsistent but might work) just go into the second tab (with the CPU, Memory, Ethernet and someother thing I dont remember) and click on the second or fourth option (Memory or Ethernet) and it wont say anything about Virtual machines and after you simply click on one of the options it will remember to be like that even after you restart! Have fun baiting

You have to go into your virtualbox folder in CMD and run the command “VBoxManage setextradata “VM Name” “setting to change” “what you want to change to””

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@Afootpluto#3041 That just trashed my VM! EDIT: IT WORKS NOW!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY

@Trizocbs#3224 it shouldn’t have, what command did you use?