MS Popup brolo

# +18884768138

Popup dead, Imgur: The magic of the Internet

@etnguyen03#3932 Oh, i had a mistake it is not redymains

Popup goes to 404 error. Number blocked on Hangouts.

Got to get all these to Google Safe Browsing: Report a Malware Page

so other people don’t get tricked to all this nonsense.

Dead, 404

@Jnteamed#3972 You should report them to the hosting company, google can only disallow indexing of their site (probably isn’t indexed anyways) and alert people in chrome, that’s a large number of people I suppose but the more effective route would be to remove the site altogether.

@R34P3R#4016 Reporting the site can cause finacial ruin to the scammers, but bat scripts are better, All it takes is social malipulaton.

@Jnteamed#4069 Again, that only blocks in chrome as far as reporting it to google, that’s a small number in the grand scheme of things