Mrs. Renate Koch (SCAM)

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Email title: Mrs. Renate Koch
Body: Dear in the lord

I am Mrs. Renate Koch, a cancer patient from South Africa. I have $3.5 million inherited from my deceased husband and I would like to start a charitable and humanitarian foundation with these funds, but my current health condition prevents me from starting this project. I really need a God-fearing person who can do this project for me.

I would like you to communicate by e-mail so that the relatives of my deceased husband do not know about this. If you are interested, please reply to this email ([email protected])

God’s grace in your life.

Mrs. Renate Koch

My Dear beloved good friend,

I am so happy for your letter and God bless you. I want you to know that I have not contacted you on my own. It is upon the direction of the Holy Spirit and I need your sincerity to handle this divine assignment to the glory of God.

It is about the fund my late husband deposited in the bank which he planned to use for charity. I am originally from South Africa, but I have lived in Ivory Coast, West Africa for over 30 years now. I was married to the late Dr. Robert Koch of blessed memory. He was owner of (DANIS COCOA FARMS) located here in Abidjan Ivory Coast before his death four years ago through a fatal car accident with my two beloved daughters.

Now I am sick, I was not able to fulfill the obligations due my cancer situation. Now, I want someone with fear of God, whom I can trust to take over this fund my late husband deposited in the bank here for charity purposes to the motherless, less privileged. Please I beg you to think twice over this because this is not a joke and you should not play with the things of God.I will send you the copy of the deposit document of this fund in my next letter, so that you can see it.

Here are the areas of our wish-

(1) To help Charity Organisations, Orphanages homes.

(2) To build Hospitals and Health Care centers for the orphans and the less privileged one.

(3) To help supporting people both Christians and muslem from the war affected zones.

(4) To help pursue Education for the deserving students by providing financial aid to them wherever it is so required.

The money as I said is (US$ 3,500,000.00) Please I beg of you in the name of God to check yourself well and let me know if you are ready to handle this divine assignment to the glory of God, so that I will be sure of you.
Best Regards.
Mrs. Renate Koch