More trash Orlando resorts which is a scam!

Please try and call (415) 867-9693

i am sure it’s a scam because they use the automated machine.

They changed their number a couple time and called the same number ending in 2

It is pretty annoying and my number is 415,867 ***2

More likely They spoof our area code and the first 3 digits of the number.

(Do you know how to stop this?)

I might use a automated machine to call scammers.

Please see discussions on vacation scams and lead generators. These are the same tactics used by the vacation scammers listed. Do they ask a quick question and then transfer you to someone else? Do you get loan and credit scammer calls, as well? The scammers spoof their number to look like someone local. If you call this number back you will likely get a normal person who picks up and has no idea their number is being used. Ask for the scammers website and that will post the number to reach them on. Also, during the scam process and giving them fake credit card numbers they may give you the callback phone number.

They use a automated machine.