More scammers

Found some scammers. Waste their time.

Number: 18009421491


Screenshot: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Website down.

Edit: Very aggressive when I called them

Can no longer get a hold of them.

The website is still up but it looks like they took the number down. Dammit, they were so much fun. They were the type of scammers that got super pissed when you called them out and had no qualms about stealing from people. I would have loved to give them a nice RAT.

This one is working again.

Aaaaaaaand it’s gone.

This seems like the type of call center you’ll get with different numbers depending on the day. There’s Victor, who told me to “watch my language because this is a professional line” (I then used all the Hindi swears I knew), there’s Sam who usually hangs up as soon as he knows you’re scam baiting, and James who seems like he’s the head Bhenchod and will swear back at you and admit he’s a scammer. Those are the only guys I’ve gotten. I want to get a profile on these guys and see if we can RAT them once they get another number up.