More scammer info

Can anyone get them?

image screenshot-20180128-180743jpg.jpegimage screenshot-20180128-180743jpg.jpeg

Where did you get this person’s information?

Making noises like a fax machine.

@AOD_Spore#21229 most likely he redcieved an email from this person

That’s what I was thinking as well. Is it possible that the fax noises are from a system sending info about the caller to another destination? Does anyone else have a recording from another number to compare the noises of possibly different data being sent?


More scammers

image screenshot-20180129-130032jpg.jpegimage screenshot-20180129-130032jpg.jpeg

@AOD_Spore#21229 I have a website for my business. A blank form that can be filled out. Scammers fill this information in places where it should be what type of project instead. Rather than a project I get a type of a dating suggestion or something complete scammer to me