Moderator Status


I wanted to know why i have lost my moderator status. Thanks.

Due to inactivity @FOXYCallum1#11833

@FOXYCallum1#11833 Another reason is that you’ve been uninvolved in the activities a Moderator takes part in (sock puppet banning, cleanup, verification etc.)


@Flame#11835 Inactivity? I’m on here everyday, everyday i try to scam bait a scammer and this is where i get all my numbers. When i’m on i also try to look for any scammers that may have signed up and if there is any arguments going on etc etc…

@FOXYCallum1#11842 We did not demote you, thunder did.

It’s also taken into consideration whether you really needed these tools. For example, Jnteamed misused them and he was demoted too. You didn’t misuse them, you also didn’t use them.

@1337mathster#11845 I never misused them, ever. If i didn’t need them, why do you? Or anyone else for that matter apart from Thunder.

@FOXYCallum1#11849 Read my post again, this time slowly.

@1337mathster#11885 Yes, i did read it closely. But if i didn’t use them, which i did, why would they be taken from me anyway. What difference would it make? Is there limited places you can put?

@FOXYCallum1#11842 You were off of discord for over 2 weeks, the discord server is our only way of communicating with staff, and when we demoted other members and were looking for new staff you were nowhere to be found.

@R34P3R#11897 I was never told that discord was the only way for mods to communicate. I thought that was only if you wanted to be in there.

@R34P3R#11897 i checked the mod list and myjackcity doesnt have the mod rank.

@scraps210#11905 He isn’t a Moderator. Why would he be on the list?

@1337mathster#11906 he was on the list lol

I updated the list when we got new mods and I never saw, nor added him