Misleading time share deals. Vacation scam

I wonder if you guys are up for going after time share scams.

I put my name in a street fair for a drawing. A month later some guy calls me telling me I won. But the catch is listening to two hours of presentation. Later I find out it’s harassing and no real prize. Just two hours of humiliation unless u sign in. Hidden fees up the ass. They started calling me over and over so I confronted the person and was cursed at and they hung up. BBB complaint lead to nothing. An apology.

What say you???

Please see posts on vacation scams and lead generators. Once you sign up you have an existing business relationship. They can call you and it’s completely legal. Once you tell them that you aren’t interested, that’s where it should end. The harassing phone calls never end. The BBB is in on the scheme.

BBB more like BBD

That’s why I asked.

On to another scammer.

I have something juicy for u guys to work on.

But later, were trying to bring this business to the media first to expose them.

The media does not care. They will report what the BBB says. But they don’t care about the scammers or time shares unless someone actually gets hoodwinked. You will find several reports about seminars and time shares from local stations. Even Trump University was a similar operation. Hidden fees aren’t illegal. The harassing phone calls are illegal, but try finding the source and telling the media and authorities.