Miscellaneous Refund Scams

Scammer’s Number: PayPal (877) 350-3726, (402) 446-4233
Additional info, via whoisthatnumber. Jason wanted to use anydex, call back was (402) 446-4233


Dear ,

Registered Email ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.COM.

An amount of $715.54 has been charged from your Pay-Pal account to Branford Armory.

Please contact our customer support for further questions or concerns. You can contact our customer service on +1 (877) 350-3726 (Toll Free).

This amount will be shown on your statement in the next 24 hours as a payment to-xxxxxxxxxxxxArmory.

Please check your order details below:

Seller Information
Instruction to merchant
No instruction Entered
Delivery Method:E-Mail
Description Qty Unit Price Total Amount

Branford Armory
1 $715.54


Invoice ID: PP-52B6E4C15-2T

Date: Nov, 18 2021, Thursday.

Please get in touch with our dispute team on +1 (877) 350-3726 Toll-Free (10 AM- 5 PM, Monday-Friday, PST) if you did not authenticate the charge. Make sure, you have the Invoice # for swift assistance.

The subscription will be automatically renewed next month until you call us 24 hours prior to the expiration date to withdraw it.

Thank you.
Pay-Pal Team

5237 S 2nd St., San Jose, CA 95232, United States.
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Jason wanted to use anydex, call back was (402) 446-4233


Scammer’s Numner: McAfee (808) 600-6101, (808) 378-0823

Additional info: Via everycaller, Charly wanted to use teambeaver. Supervisor Kevin (808) 378-0823

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Scammer’s Number: PayPal (877) 788-1312, (402) 382-4416
Additional Info: Via findwhocallsyou without order details, Daniel wanted to use anydex callback was (402) 382-4416.

Wow! (877) 350-3726 seems quite happy with me. :joy:

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Scammer’s Number: Amazon (866) 370-0151, (786) 588-6843
Additional info: Via findwhocallsyou, no order details provided but Harry wanted to use anydex and call back was (786) 588-6843.

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Scammer’s Number: PayPal (877) 280-7175
Additional info: Via findwhocallsyou, no order info besides this being a $1000 to merchant Localcoin. Sam was uninterested in scamming me, he just said he would ‘cancel’ my order and hung up.

Scammer’s Info: GeekSquad (408) 608-0751
Additional info: Via findwhocallsyou, no order info but Albert wanted to use anydex.

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These PayPal bastards challenged me to shut them down. All hands on deck please. Let’s make it happen.


PayPAl scammer
(877) 350-3726
New Delhi IP


Scammer’s Number: Norton (386) 338-0461
Additional info: Via findwhocallsyou with no order info, Peter wanted to use teambeaver.

Bob from Norton (386) 338-0461 is complaining that people are calling too much, wahwah!!! :joy:


Ohhh baby, he ain’t seen nothing yet :rofl:


LMAO!!! cry harder scammer!!!


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Man he is PISSED. Answered by calling me many very bad names. Told him his nightmare was just beginning.


I just joined you guy! The more the merrier! :joy:


So agree Major!! :+1:


Scammer’s Number Amazon (800) 781-5198, 208-502-1197
More Info: Via findwhocallsyou, no order info but claimed to be Amazon about an iPhone order shipped to New Mexico for $987; David wanted to use fastconnect with a callback (208) 502-1197

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Scammer’s Number: Norton (818) 570-5671
Additional info: via reddit, renewal invoice #H97432 for $364.60, very rude and they hung up, they must be getting lots of calls :joy:


I’ve been calling (800) 781-5198 with all 6 of my VoIP numbers and my TextNow for over 30 minutes and I haven’t been able to kill the number, but they’re triggered as hell. They keep yelling “don’t call here again!”
Boy, that should deter me.


Hi, im a scambaiter from south africa, anyone has a toll free number i call these scammers on?

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