Popup - MineShard | Welcome (mineshards.net)

Registered via PorkBun, LLC on February 24, 2022 - Whois mineshards.net

Associated Discord Account - OddOscarrr#0371 (UID: 928601567396003871)

Associated Discord Server - play.MineShards.net - Fun OP Prison Network (discord.com)

gehngar#0050 (UID: 844183555064332339)

Associated YouTube Account - PlayMineShards - YouTube

Associated Email Address - [email protected]

Ya know I always hated discord. But due to gaming, and YT creators, I’ve begun using it a bit more. What’s awful about discord is that I’m sure that a lot of people who use it are younger people who click click click not thinking about the repricussions of blindly clicking…

not a scam its a server advert link its very common for servers to use bots to mass spam and advertise

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@OfclyGoodenough pls don’t post this stuff here. I don’t think this really counts as “scam” as you called it in your title.

  • Spam, not Scam

Lmao i joined and said “can yall not dm advertise” and was IMMEDIATELY banned