Microsoft tech suppport scam

Phone number is: 844-393-0457

There is a website but I was unable to copy the link due to the amount of pop-up dialogs


Angela was a jerk.

Called him for the first time and he said I called him 3 or 4 times before. He then started swearing at me

They masked their number and called me back twice through my number. Watch out


lollll what a idiots! Great fun, thanks for the number :wink:

@Slao#10184 update. My phone is acting odd since I called. Somewhat worried at this point

@Slao#10192 Please refer back to @memes#10189’s post

Either they blocked my number or this one no longer works, all I get after a long time is ‘sorry, all circuits are busy, call back later’ then it hangs up. Anyone else able to get through?

@Slao#10184 Don’t call from your actual phone or share your actual phone number with them… Assuming that you did, it might be time to change your phone number