Microsoft Tech Support Scammer

This number has to be the best Support Scammer ever. They are very unprofessional by only having one phone and if they are in a call you can’t be put in a waiting line. Easily get mad, which makes for the greatest trolls. So if you do enjoy yelling at scammers this is the number for you. +1-800-605-8632

This number is harassing me a lot from couples of days 18447893800

Please call them my friend and fuck there day please friends please

Kpeterson please don’t advertise numbers in my post. You can make your own discussion and talk about that scammer. Thanks!


Dude it isn’t a scammer, its a british couple, take down this discussion.

@AnonyMouse#10812 The number has been spammed for fake technical support.

Oh okay thanks for letting me know :wink: