Microsoft Tech Support scammer

Scam Number: +1-888-544-4476
Domain Used: \\_PiraTted_Activation_code_detected_0xRed0xx786xx999y_cu5tomer_s5upport?
Extra Info:

The guy I got connected to was a dumbass. I did stuff like mess up continuously in the Run box (stuff like R for Rundi or mistaking R for Romeo as O for Oreo), gave him pics of McLovin’s license, say my name was “Ted Bundy McLovin,” but he still insisted on getting more from me.

Eventually, he took a second look at the SSN image a few minutes after his first look, realized it was edited from Google, got upset that he wasted over 40 minutes, and told me to “GO FUCK OFF.”

The number he texted from was (425) 659-5392, but it seems inactive now.


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