Microsoft Tech Support Scam


Phone Number: 0800-820-3300

**How I know it is a scam:**
The guy who picked up was a level 5 Microsoft support technician and engineer.

Feel free to reply to this thread with any other microsoftsupport.domain sites and I’ll compile an entire thread of them.

Error code 0x045

The number 0800-820-3300 is invalid, the first digit is not a 1.

If you mean to correct that please reply /mistake 18008203300

Jnteamed (non-existant) bot.

That’s the number from the website. @Jnteamed#6567

@Jnteamed#6567 Its a UK number, it does work.

Doesn’t work on firertc

@Jnteamed#6710 FireRTC doesn’t support UK numbers.

Oh, i think it support 1-800 and the us numbers?

Numbers that start with 1 are US numbers so 1-800 is a US number.

@FuelDaFlame#6738 So the UK is 0?

I don’t know, ask Thunder. I don’t think so.