Microsoft Tech Support Scam

Sup! Heres this phone number. Talk to Martin. Or as he likes to call himself, “Papa G”. They will answer each and every call. 1-888-997-2899 Have at it. ?

lmao I did but apparently he’s busy

are you using firertc if so what’s your email there

@kodak123#3321 I call them from my real phone but I use FireRTC whenever they start blocking me haha.

If you guys get the “Your call is very important to us…” promot, its only because their lines are full. Once they hang up a call, you’ll hear a rep connect to you. There are about 5.

do you know how to get 2 of them in the same call on fire rtc because conference call is being weird and not letting me

@kodak123#3327 I just type the number again and click enter with the option Conference call and usually works man

lmao I think they changed their number

still works for me

They blocked FireRTC but still works with Skype and my mobile number.

Martin Doesnt like my alter ego at all…I called as Computer user “Mike Auck” in desperate need of computer assistance and he proceeded to yell at me…I guess Parlay G wont be fixing my computer after all.

@RundiRob#3338 Yeah he kept saying that lol. He kept calling me Parlay G and told me to call him Papa G.

@awakeasfuck#3354 Lol Thats a brand of bisciut in india he must be going crazy

Parle-G - Wikipedia

Is this from a popup? Could you provide link?

Spoke with Papa G for about 15 minutes, he now thinks I’m gay.

These scumbags aren’t even versed enough to have their own website, they’re using blogspot sites instead.

This is pure gold: