Microsoft Tech Support Scam #2

Sadly I got this pop-up on and when I go to the site I know the pop-up is from it redirects me to so all I can give is this screenshot and the phone number.

Phone Number: 888-473-9918

I took a screenshot of what virus it claims you have.. feel free to say that if the people try to ask you for it:
(attachment didn't work so I provided a link)

There are popups that lead to Indian Google. I think it may be because of your cookies; if it doesn’t find a specific cookie, then it will kick you to Google India.

Or it just redirects to Google India. @ThePixelPolygon#6968

@ThePixelPolygon#6968 A lot of the call sellers (the ones who buy ads and own numbers) are now checking cookies, your ip and your referrer.