"Microsoft Support"

Website: http://winnerqwertysshop.club/MSIE/msie1.php?num=1-888-556-1222

Number: 18885561222

These guys are fun to scambait-- they’re stupid and angry… LOL!

Found some information on the registrant (possibly the head of the scam group).

Name: Gaurav Vrma
Street: l89 Sec 12
City: Noida
State/Province: Uttar Pradesh
Postal Code: 201301
Country: India
Phone: +91.9856321245 (Tried calling, no answer)
Email: [email protected]

PS: All of this info is available freely online. This information has not been acquired by any shady work.

Lmao i called them and said my computer was being slow and “Ron” said “How slow?” and i said “pretty slow, i just need it to go faster” and Ron said “How Fast?” like wtf

@DankIdea#11589 better do a content cop on him

just called him and played dumb until he caught on and tried to tell me this is dominos why am i calling

I said “Hello is this tech support” and they hung up

I Called them yesterday 50 Times+ and somewone had in his Copy/Paste the dominos Website, and i asked everyone if they are making good Pizza’s.

The Number is down now...

Number is working now, but they are paranoid from all the prank calls and suspect every call is a prank call and hang up pretty quickly.:joy:

Number is online now… Some Indian dude on the line asked me how can he help me. I shooed him off by trolling him :slight_smile: He just laughed :confused:


they are really pissed of, but i dont know wich popup they are using, if i say somethink else they say i have the wrong number

Thanks I’m pissing them off with soundboards lol


They already knew i was going to bait them before they connected

number still active! just called them trough FIRERTC and it was awesome


Nice number, but I removed the website link tab while the link is dead.

I said i had an error and they asked me what i was doing at the time i got the error and i said i was watching porn and they hung tf up lmao

@Bryce#11801 That’s good. I sent a report to GoDaddy and they seem to be doing something. Great job on them, I guess.