Microsoft Support Scammers with Proof SPAMM IT!

I was browsing the webs looking for something I get a popup on this: Screenshot by Lightshot

Heres the Number: +1 877-527-9459

Feel free to spam the crap out of it, for all I care. Literally a popup using Javascript :'D hilarious

@rtownface133#27967 thanks gonna expose them trace them and refund victims with killerrat

@76561198271881008#28007 Thank you man, these motherfuckers, froze my browser and tried to do that little scam shit.

@76561198271881008#28007 You’ll see as soon as you call you will know it’s a scam.

Lmao. I mumbled some bad hindi words and he instantly got pissed. They returned my dropped call: 470-298-3153 is their call back

@RamanRoy#28010 Heck yeah man, lol they’re just stupid. I really hate popups and luckily this one’s new lol.

Ha. Love the FireRTC soundboard with these scammers

Lmao he told me to go do something important in my life and that he has a good job lmao

@rtownface133#28008 they didnt fall for it… sorry i tried

@76561198271881008#28019 All good man, just funny that we all are taking these online feens off the map.

One scammer told me Chicken Biryani gives you diarrea and then the other told me that he hates American people because of the way we smell and look lol.

They’re getting smarter. I forgot to close the vbox tray icon. About a minute in the guy figures out. The 877 number didn’t work. The 470 did.


Edit: 470-298-3153 Number is the newer number. Person says it works the other one disabled.

David Uriah Bentley called these chutiyas and drove them crazy. FireRTC Phone call recording with +1 877-527-9459

Got a message saying they’re closed for the night

@sosaix#28033 This one was funny man, literally the accent is perfect :slight_smile:

@rockyshores#28042 Lol they probably are up now. I don’t know… These are some scummy people for trying to scam people they don’t even know.

I dont think John is happy :slight_smile: he blocked me 5 times (No:470-298-3153)

@wpx#28092 Lol I bet he isn’t, but just wait until the real info comes through, and someone finds out where they’re located, that’s when they give up lol :smiley: