Microsoft support scam popup (product key expiration)

I found this guy when downloading a garry’s mod addon, number seems to be working but they’re closed until normal operation hours.

popup : hxxp://

Number : 888-308-4857

Popup 2

popup : hxxp://

Isn't it convenient that they use the same number? number : 888-308-4857

Doesn’t work on FireRTC, Hangouts or Skype.

RIP number

edit : Maybe they're blocking VoIP???

This number worked for me on my cell phone (bad idea?) This was my first time doing what y’all are doing. I called and spoke to them 4 times and wasted a total of one hr they coulda been scamming. By far the best conversation I had was when I asked if he had accepted our lord and savior Jesus Christ (which I would genuinely want anyone to do). Now that was an interesting convo.

I just stumbled on this community of messing with these scammers and I must say it's a blast. I'm very unfamiliar with the lingo tho lol

if it worked for you on your cellphone, maybe they found a way to block VoIP sip calls or something (I don’t know if that’s really possible), or they’re blocking a bunch of area codes.

They can’t just block all VoIP services but they can block some

It works in skype but not firertc for me.

@shad0wsnhd#10212 are you using the default caller id?

@memes#10258 yea


How do I change it if I can?

edit : looked in the settings and found the option, nevermind.

@shad0wsnhd#10265 Just change it. FireRTC cannot be blocked, it’s just people not knowing how to use it.

@memes#10282 FireRTC can be blocked by contacting Buddy from FireRTC and claiming you’ve received spam from his service.

Number worked for me after changing my caller ID. I might switch over to FireRTC as it’s free and works as well as skype but lacks the conference feature, number doesn’t work now though so rip.

First of all you left your IP in the post @Jaguardagloman#10304, second of all I removed your posts on this thread because you posted the same links in your own thread and shouldn’t be posting them in other’s threads.