Microsoft Support Scam 855-661-8139

This douchebag keeps calling our customers claiming they have detected a network security breach. They purport to be with Microsoft in Washington DC but we all know they are in India. 855-661-8139

Been screwing with them by conference calling them in with a chatbot at Jolly Roger but they are getting wise to it.

Give 'em hell boys!

I just called this he sounded like a douchebag he wasnt even a tech support scammer lol

This is working!


Lmao he would not answer my question and he became a douchebag, I was gonna ask him if why he scams lol.

Asked why he scammed. Called me a b*tch and some racial slurs.

What jerks.

Called w skype. Guys answers about how he can help w the virus on my computer. I asked how he knew about my virus so he said he’s an astrologist or shit like that. So I asked if he knew how I did his mom this morning. He didn’t like it at all. Next guy was shocked I could smell him all the way to the US. And more…

These guys are fucked up.


I know right? All of them just refuse to fix my Computer now lol

Called them and the dude admitted to scamming to support his family.

Edit: Called them again and the guy said they already scammed 17 people and made ~ $30,000.

they dont answer me anymore after I called him a bakrichod

these guys are gold i called the for 2 hours and shut them down for 30 minutes they recognize my voice they are really giving up on scamming keep flooding them

Its always the same guy who replies to my calls… No matter to wich number

The other agents could be taken and you are just calling really fast after they hang up