Microsoft Support Popup

Haven’t had a chance to give these guys a call yet

+1 888-309-6869
their agent key for payments; e9f79a1374c0751fdc0523a20d76c9e0

@Sparkfear#3859 Who’s their provider? I’ll give them a heads up on it.

kept calling them over and over and they got really pissed off XD

Upon further inspection of their company I found that they’re registered in the UK as Compact IT Services Limited and their directors name is Sunny Vashisht. He also owns a payments company called LivePay Limited which may be acting as their payment provider. It would seem that they are behind on several taxes, registrations, and other legal aspects of their business which are required by UK law. Below is a bit of information about Sunny. Feel free to add his number to this thread if you are from the UK and have such resources!

Too busy.