Microsoft Support pop-up


I called from FireRTC and it worked. Go give them a call. You can ask for Mr Justin :p
Number: 8035673069

Additional numbers: 1-888-509-0573; 1-888-334-5804

Website associated with the scam: </s><e>

@iChutya#860 How do you find these popups?

@yantheman46#895 Good question ? - Usually some Google searching (of just about anything), then clicking one of the search results that seems fishy would suffice in redirecting you to a popup. I find myself being redirected to a popup most of the time when I’m searching in Google Images.

I didn't find this popup, however. I did call the number that the OP posted and got some additional information when the scammer got connected to my VM.


@iChutya What do you usually search on Google Images that brings up popups? Just trying to get an idea of what else I could search.


so, liked my app? Yes/No?

Whats the popup link?

@cookiejargaming9#903 Dead link

@MinCarve#900 Yes, I do like your app. Let’s not make this thread any more off topic than it already is, now. xD



@yantheman46#899 just search any image, then click the “Visit Page” tab and normally they are linked to scammer sites!

@iChutya#907 How do i get numbers that are active, because these numbers dont really work ever try until you get a virus popup. and you will get one most of the time!