Microsoft support called me!

So I got a call from 305-985-6352 saying they were Microsoft and they were shutting down my computer due to infection. Already tweeted it to Hoax. After being on the phone with them for a bit got them to connect. Support fee for lifetime is $700. Also gave me a 2nd number and all his info.

John Gill

Ext: 2338

Helpline Number: 888-389-7614

Also got their website hxxps://

Edit: Found a 3rd phone number from their website 855-352-0721

lol, called and asked if it was pizza hut and if I could order pizza and he said “yes”

i asked for the pepperoni sausage pizza and said “ok sir that will be 10 dollars”

999999/10 service

@edbread#1102 Which number did you call?

@etnguyen03#1103 888-389-7614

@edbread#1104 Thanks!

Called them up using Skype, said my name was Matthew and my customer ID was 75689…?