microsoft scammers

this number called me today +1 718 766 8663 call them up and waste their time

Do you have any proof? A pop-up, website, or video?

@FuelDaFlame#8677 They said they are MyPhoneSupport

hahaha he gave me a long talk on how i shld value ppl who “support” because i ran a MEMZ virus on my VM

I couldn’t get them to do anything on a VM. Did anybody else get them to do something?

@1337mathster#8690 yeah they made me go to logmein123 to download the remote control thing. He then took control of my VM but i ran the memz thing on it so he couldn’t do shit.

he says that he is not a scam and that he has many customers :frowning:

Scam. Another number from myphonesupport a.k.a myscamsupport