Microsoft Scammers

Hello -.-

I was trying to get a hold of some new scammers when I found these freaks. They are danish, but I do think they can speak english.
The number is: +45 89 87 42 23

Link: hxxp://

If your not danish like me the site says: You computer has been infected with malware or a virus. Please contact the following number.

I only shared the link so if your trying to rat em, then you have proof of getting the fake error message.

I'm working right now so please don't fuck with em too much xD

Welp, have fun my fellow scam-baiters. As alwayes. Give em' hell!


I love the Windows 10 background with the Windows XP error. Makes them seem so legit. Put a sound warning in your thread.

Hey, I know it’s off-topic, but should I use VPN for entering these websites, and what would you recommend me for keeping myself safe if they are crazy f***s from tracking my number?

I am experienced in the field of infosec so I know when to use a VPN or Proxy. To answer your question I’d recommend using FireRTC.

Danish, German, Japanese. They are expanding their territory. We need more Euroasian members.