Microsoft Scam

Scam Number: (312) 745-8965 & (386) 381-1407

Scammer’s Website or Email: I just called them saying that a screen came up and it said that there was a trojan spyware and to call them and they believed it

Additional information about this scam: personal phone number of one of the scammers (530) 212-6587 the persons employer id i was talking to Ms772751 with the name Larry

386-381-1407 Female, no idea what her name is. Friday 9-23-22 1:52PM EST

Here’s another MS “pop-up” scam…888-655-1915

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888-655-1915 Not in Service. Friday 9-23-22 2:34PM EST

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Finally, been screwing with them since this morning.

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