Microsoft Scam (866-633-0924) having Email Phishing Attacks Website

Guys, I have found new scam number and they are also having a phishing website. They are operating from India and the number is active.

Their website -

Number on their website title - 800-627-5045

Other number - 866-633-0924

image untitledjpgjpg.jpeg![image untitledjpgjpg.jpeg](replace/assets/files/2018-08-15/17:15:280-untitledjpgjpg.jpeg)
image whoisjpg.jpeg![image whoisjpg.jpeg](replace/assets/files/2018-08-15/17:16:190-whoisjpg.jpeg)

Looks like they just used a template

EDIT: When you try to sign in with something say, AOL, it says that “theres a problem with your account! Call us!”

image screenshot-from-2018-08-15-10-34-06png.png![image screenshot-from-2018-08-15-10-34-06png.png](replace/assets/files/2018-08-15/17:35:420-screenshot-from-2018-08-15-10-34-06png.png)


check out hotmail login, aol login and norton login phishing links on their website.

We will have to do something in order to Shut'em Down.

Well if you try their Hotmail login scam, for one it doesnt work but it also uses this site instead of the

@R3tr0pak#46162 This is called phishing.

The victim will put in their correct login details and then the page will show them a error message. But the login details will be sent to the hackers.

@tomtom#46167 I know im just saying its odd theyre using two domain names and linking them like that on the site.

These Indian scammers have another website: 1800-627-5045

“you have reached a number that is not currently set up to recieve calls”

@helraizr#46173 Working on Text now and google voice.

@tomtom#46159 On hold forever probably because they closed for the day

So many of these sites are hosted on godaddy, wow.

@TheWildShadow55#46297 yeah and digitalocean as well

@Rajeshi_Gardner It’s good though since reporting these websites usually gets them taken down, I’ve seen it work in the past.

@TheWildShadow55#46303 yeah thats true whenever I report a website to digitalocean, within a few hours, I get a reply from an agent saying that the domain has been terminated

@Rajeshi_Gardner Same here. I should’ve joined this website way sooner but I didn’t discover it until recently