Microsoft Popup Scammer 1-866-464-0477

Scam Number: 1-866-464-0477

Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: Microsoft popup virus scam. Still active.

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866-464-0477 Mike Tuesday 4-2-24 4:03PM EST


He wants to know what kind of popup it is. Don’t know how to bait him.

800TollFreeNow, answered as “Microsoft” and asked me not to call again, so I Tunak’d him.

When the girl answers, tell her you’re a friend of Zambo and you’ll be attending our wedding! I find it odd that these girl scammers love sweet talk and promises of love.
Works most of the time.

Probably 'cause the scumbag males are such lowlife bastards over there.

By the way, I just want to say thank you to everyone on this site. You guys and gals are the F-16 fighters of cyberspace. Good luck with the benchod hunting!

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I don’t have the screenshot but a friend described it as a Microsoft virus warning that popped up when she was browsing Facebook.

According to her she was instructed to reboot first and then connect to a tiny URL which is when she hung up.

Perhaps calling the number “after rebooting”, citing the computer froze up would be a good bait strategy.

Use this one as they’re all pretty much the same. Just save it to your DT and make a ‘Bait Folder’ so you can pull it up in the future if needed.

866-464-0477 Still Active Jessica Wednesday 4-3-24 10:21AM EST


866-464-0477 Still Active Wednesday 4-3-24 1:09PM EST