Microsoft popup scam


Will create popups and will get full screen if you click on it!

Number: 1-855-551-8444

I love these guys, ask for sandy, she’s pretty funny. I got to the point when she said my card info was wrong and then exposed her. She said that Syskey was old and tried something different in msconfig but i ended the session there and now i’m calling and messing with them asking them why the feel its acceptable to scam people. Live on hangouts ?

They will usually set your PC (or virtual machine) to boot in safe mode with alternate shell with msconfig. I’ve let them do it and just laugh when they feel like they’ve accomplished something ?

@zrandomnperson#4548 Ah, thanks dude. I ended it as she was doing it and she was like “Why did you end it of its a VM?” I dont think she believed it a VM even though i showed her.