Microsoft popup #1

popup: hxxp://

screen of popup: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

number: 1-800-576-7509

pretty creative guys

im with one now lol


Got to a 15min call with a dude then transfered me to hes supervisor rofl…

Tried syskey but i kept closing the run box XD


oh damn, number got down right now.

Called them, they asked me for a credit card, told them I was going to find my card, then left them waiting, then they got really mad. lol ?

Thank you for screen shotting

called and waisted 40 min of their time

They Picked up and didn’t talk it was just silent I called Them a Banchode and hung up

nobody picks up just says their unavailable

How did you get the pop-up?

lol called them and they started playing music and not helping me lol!