Microsoft pop-up scam

Contact information: (888) 858-2040

Description of scam: Pop-up after opening a page saying “Windows Defender Alert : Zeus Virus Detected In Your Computer!! Call Microsoft Technical Departament: (888) 858-2040 (Toll Free)”

Other Information:

I called them and after saying I don't have a checkbook they logged into the payment processing site, so naturally I closed the remote session and tried to refund people's money. I have screen shots of all the scammed people and made phone calls trying to reach out.

They were quite mad at me, saying the FBI was coming to my house and they were going to kill me... I couldn't believe they logged into the payment site on my VM... idiots.

Doesn’t work. Tried FireRTC and Hangouts.

After 10pm they were ‘closed’. I used FireRTC.