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Got this while trying to go to “faisbook”

It keeps saying the number is busy

@Trizocbs#4051 Try calling from FireRTC or Google Voice, I got them with voice

I’m calling using FireRTC and it works

yeah got them on FireRTC, why are the scripts almost always the same?

@76561197993037654#4058 Let me tell you a story from my Indian friend who used to work for a tech support scam. Back when Ammyy was first introduced an American known for former white collar crimes saw this as an opportunity to diagnose fake errors, warnings, and otherwise lie to people, scare them into purchasing services, and make good money. So one thing led to another, his company grew and he moved it to Noida, mind you this was at the debut of Ammyy, over 10 years ago, so people started catching on, especially in Noida, and Dehli. He shared his secret with a few people, some of which weren’t very trustworthy, the years passed and he was making good money, until some other people got the idea to copy him… not just copy, copy exactly. So one company triggers another basically, the more scams that are currently in operation, the more people want to do it. Especially considering that most of the scammers are never caught, the fact that it seems safe, often grosses large sums of money with very little investment, and requires little to no knowledge of anything computer, code, or anything useful for that matter. In short, one idiot with his bright idea screwed people out of millions of dollars, and then everyone else decided to do it.

@R34P3R#4052 nope, not working on Hangouts. I never got RTC to work, i can see the people accepted the call but they cant hear me and i cant hear them

Until they face my vm without any critical tools to tell me there is any virus alongside the popup.

And if they need Administrator privilages: UAC Controls gone wrong again! - Album on Imgur

Where are they going to even try?

@R34P3R#4064 I just find it strange that they don’t have the capacity to realize that if they change it they might have more “success”, I mean, every single one goes like “ok now look down at your keebod” no matter what I say, told the dude I have a stomach wirus and have been shitting all day and he says “ok now look down at your keebod”. It’s funny and sad at the same time.

@76561197993037654#4085 If i were them, Open chrome and type in, put in your name and (gives support key,) Then fix it for free if it was a VM. So the scambaiters won’t call too much.


@R34P3R#4052 800 608 5160 is today # ?

@Jnteamed#4086 But these are often the people who can’t get a legitimate technical support job, they receive little to no training on the diagnostic, they only understand the extreme basics of what they’re doing. I’ve talked to many who couldn’t tell me as much as what an IP address does, or what the difference in IPv4 and IPv6 were.

Then i have to guide them to running my bat file.

Also when i made mistakes while i am using windows, i use the same exact mistakes for scambaiting. Remap D drive to C drive caused explorer.exe to get No such interface supported and any admin programs to be not found and user account is temp. Also i will be using windows setup programs to replace non admin tools. I will be giving you all a turtorial soon.

If you don't want to wait, go to a school, connect to their domain using their staff wifi, and walk off and you copy the restrictions to your VM.
Not recommended without autorization.
No turtorial until 2018 for new members
This is serious damage to a real computer.

RAT-ed -6941


@R34P3R#4094 Not really… Some of them have received training in areas like web development but failed to get jobs because they attended low ranked regional colleges

Rick from Nexxtech told me he was unemployed for 2 years till he was forced to take up a job at Nexxtech.

@1337mathster#4157 That’s one, I’m speaking from experience having spoken with the manager of a call center owned by a fraudulent company, he said that they would offer jobs to people with less training than was required by legitimate companies in their area. Often the scams pay well, considering the lack of education that the call center I am referring to, at least, had.