Microsoft Office Scam

Scammer’s Website or Email: Official Office Setup
Additional information about this scam: When i called the number they says they are from microsoft which i can clearly say by looking at their website. It seems they are running other scams as well.

lets stop them before they fool incocent people.

Unable to verify phone number you provided, it is also not listed on the website so i’ve removed it


Few more fake sites:

Associated chat account:

Another live scammer: Official Office Setup

Error page here:

“Fetal Error” LOL!!!

Same chat widget as before:

Edit: something strange is going on here, these pages are getting taken down within seconds of being reported here by @maryll7 . Someone has got to have some direct line to the scammers, or it could even be a honeypot for scam-baiters.

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New Url: Official Office Setup

Another one: Official Office Setup

Another live scammer: Home

I found out few more scammers are live right now