Microsoft Help & Support Scam

Found scam website.


#: +1-844-877-9492

Let me know if the website or number don't work anymore :-)

Called him up and started ear raping them. They liked it.

They like listening to nineties TV shows.

Ok, I have the best way to mess with these guys, hands down. I called and pretended to be an online celebrity doing a podcast interviewing random online people. One guy fell for it completely. Gave me his full name and all. I told him I was a Twitch streamer and that we were live. He answered a lot of bullshit questions and I gave him a made up Twitch account name. I almost felt bad for the guy, he was really looking forward to being interviewed. Oh, also he admitted that this is all a scam. Get creative, folks.

@Sorton#10856 hahaha i asked: “do you like my voice in ur ear?” then started doing all sorts of weird noises

@TomahawkMissiles#10864 it appears to me that u scammed the scammer