Microsoft Fake Virus Scammers

Company Names Given:
Double Help
Global Health

Popup Numbers:

Popup Info:
The popups I received were standard fake trojan messages. They never asked me to list off anything like an error code, so if you just say "I got a popup that says I have a trojan. The message says my email credentials are at risk" they probs won't bat an eye.

Callback Number Info:
They provided me with the following number the first time I called them. I believe it's the one they give out to people AFTER they scam them in case they "have problems" again. I've been banned from all the popup number but somehow I'm still able to call in on this line. They'll ask for a "Customer ID", but you can still waste their time anyway.

Callback Number: 3024259188


Another number from the same call center:

Popup Domain:
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