Microsoft Fake Popup

8668880929 Phone number

Hey, I actually got their ip so do whatever you want with it!

He says do whatever you want with it because he only knows how to use wireshark lol

@FuelDaFlame#10300 Lmao I already reported him to his ISP.

I do know how to Dos people but it’s illegal and no need to waste time when I can scam bait more people. On top of that I’m trying to give people the IP so they can report them as well. Get good script kiddie

I’m the script kiddie? 0-Eclipse-0 (Eclipse) · GitHub says otherwise

Doesn’t appear to work anymore, answer and makes a weird sound, hangs up.

@76561198327445875#10312 No need to start a flame war. This site is meant for constructive content, not putting other members down.

@76561198327445875#10312 There are four in this thread alone lol

@R34P3R#10328 I was not the one who started this, you can see that if you scroll up

He said to end it so end it.

@76561198327445875#10331 I didn’t ask who started it. I’m not a kindergarten teacher interested in who started it. Just end it.