Microsoft Corp. Scammer Phone Number | Working | - Get Really Angry -

Hello everyone,

I stumbled across this company called MyPhoneSupport. I have scambaited them and uploaded it to YouTube. Trust me, they get really annoyed when you swear at them in Hindi....

YouTube link:
Toll-Free 24/7 Phone Number: 1-855-698-3241


Man do I love MyPhoneSupport. It’s sad that so many people are calling them though right now. It’s telling me to wait 20 minutes.

They said that they would contact law enforcement, should I be concerned? I just said “Yo Pajeet, I heard you switched back to the tech support scam, I thought we were supposed to be doing the IRS scam”

@Pyrall#11846 I wouldn’t really be concerned as long as you’re not using your real number.

@memes#11848 I was using my real number

@memes#11848 should I be concerned?

@Pyrall#11851 Why would you use your real number when you can just use firertc and be 100% safe???

You should probably stop calling if they have your number.

@rob_is_not_my_name#11841 These guys are a lauhh