Microsoft Chat

Was going to the real Microsoft live chat last night and this came up in google, no idea if its real or not but it looks kinda fishy.

EDIT: I got them to click a Grabify Link whch they clicked and their details are:

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Browser & OS: Chrome, Windows 7

Host Name:

ISP: Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited

(Or you can see here - Screenshot by Lightshot )

I think this pretty much confirms its a scam.

@FOXYCallum1#9711 Doesn’t appear to be official Microsoft support. But they could just be a private support provider. Further investigation is required.

Also, just because it’s Indian doesn’t mean it’s fake. One of the Dell customer support call centers is actually in Bangalore.

@1337mathster#9712 I understand but as i was speaking to one they said they where in New Jersey, so they lied to me and went quiet after i said their IP comes back as India. They gave me a non existent address as well. Also just go to is a scam? - Google Suche

And you can see many people saying its a scam. Now im 100% sure it is a scam.

@1337mathster#9712 I’ll try and get one connected to a VM later but my PC is broken at the moment.

Lol they told me I was located in India after I pasted their IP.

@scraps210#9729 Haha nice one, i couldn’t get one to speak to me again. Oh shit lol, you cant even speak to them anymore, its down :smiley:

@FOXYCallum1#9730 You can also send files to them. They’ll be back, I’m sure.

@scraps210#9731 Oh can you? I didn’t see an option. Send them a rat haha. Yeah, they’ll be back.

Another one


Screenshot by Lightshot

That website can be defaced LOL

@iMoss#10571 Good work.

@Bryce#10570 good work!

Many scammer websites can be.

@Bryce#10570 you sent them the rat via file transfer on the chat?

I’ll take care of this, and find out.

they are a scam I am posting proof very soon

Here’s the proof - YouTube

What’s a grabify link and how do u get one

These guys are great. They’re so gullible.