Microsoft (888)225-0786

Scam Number: 888-225-0786
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: Microsoft scam carried by Inteliquent

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I think you got the number wrong. It’s 888-225-0786. Ethan Mam answered, his favorite color is purple mam.


Fixed it…TY


Microsoft scammers active today

806-318-9156 - Agesoft LLC





Mostly scammer using Same advertising

1-806-318-9156 - Peerless Network, answers as “online technical suppoat for the Microsoft.
1-855-778-3246 - RingCentral, answers as “Microsoft.”
1-844-660-5015 - RingCentral, answers as “Microsoft”
1-844-528-7139 - 800TollFreeNow, answers as “Network and Firewall Suppoat”
1-866-269-1677 - RingCentral, answers as “Customer Suppoat for Microsoft

Agesoft, LLC is listed on Bizapedia as a subsidiary of StartGlobal, Inc., which is what the scammers used to register their American business identity. The scammers also use Northwest Registered Agent Service, Inc. at 30 N. Gould Street, Sheridan, Wyoming, 82801 as their registered agent.

Associated LinkedIn Account - StartGlobal | LinkedIn

CMA Media Company Limited has also been reported on TechScammersUnited for facilitating advertisements for fake virus popups.


Thanks, I fixed the post too

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This number is being used by the scammer since a long time now and its a telcoline number

Upon doing research about this resporg … they only host 39 numbers and all the numbers is being used by scammers in India

@OfclyGoodenough can you do bit more research about this telcoline

This has been an active fakebook number for a long time

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Telcoline’s been on our radar for a while now, so we’re already keeping an eye on those clowns.

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Dave Jones, oriental accent (north east Indian) $51.88 refund Naga accent
James from (818) 627-7249 refund form $51.88
James Stewart (818) 627-7249

Magic Jack message changed to Scammer

Also called Patricia Smith who left a message to the same voicemail. left a message for her saying this is a scam. DO NOT CALL THEM BACK!

I got Patricia on the online and asked her if she talking to any Microsoft support, she said no, no, thank you and hung up.

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