Microsoft (877) 284-5224

Scam Number: (877) 284-5224
Scammer’s Website or Email:
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877-284-5224 Jenna Tuesday 1-24-22 3:27PM EST

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I spoke to “Jenna” yesterday. She does not like me and her anger pleases me. I’m gonna give it a try.

I spoke with “John” yesterday as well, @delboy_scambuster.

I tried 877-284-5224 a couple of times just now but after ringing I get the User Busy within my TextNow. Yesterday I got a new TextNow number since I was long overdue. Before yesterday, the most recent date that I got a new TextNow number was in September of last year.

Just had a 13 minutes call with them. “My network is breached” , we need to secure it… go and download Anydesk. Me being very slow, my computer being very slow, giving them a wrong anydesk number 3 times… 13 minutes of fun :blush:

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@MyScambaiterUser, their greed makes them sometimes very very patient with us! Other times though if they have been being baited and harassed a bunch on any given day, they cease having such patience.

This number has had 24 active popups within a short timeframe
they’re really spreading themselves out and casting a wide net to try and catch as many victims as possible
Fucking arseholes!!

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