Mexican Scammers for Oportun

This scamming place is located in Mexico and actually said that they were located as Mexico, they try to pretend as this loan company Oportun, but are actually just scammers who try to make you say your personal info. They asked me my birthday but I said no I don’t feel comfortable saying it, they said they needed it in case the birthday didn’t match the “fake” account that they had. I was talking to a Mexican lady likely in her 20s and at first she didn’t know where her company’s HQ was until she had to search it up. She was also reluctant to tell me where she was working from, but then finally told me that she worked in Leon, Mexico which is an actual call center, but I was still not convinced this was a real authentic person, so I kept on questioning her why the call didn’t come from image which is the call center’s actual number, but it came from an American number to seem legit, it came from the Los Angeles area and the phone number was image, so that’s why I believe this is most likely a scam.

I really got in his head telling him what his company does and he seemed pretty chill. After I got into his head and made him realize just what his company does, however I only managed 16:34 of calltime.

The guy I got said he can’t hang up! 15:00 minutes and counting!

That’s still good call time

Oh lol