"Megacombo Company" - Subscription Cancellation Scam

“Megan the Manager” @ (260) 854-5597

Megacombo Product: $248.98 / Ordered March 18th 2022 - 1 BOTTLE SUPPLEMENT, 60 ORGANIC MALE CAPSULES. Allegedly improving my energy and “other lifestyles”.
They want $249.99 cancellation fee (wtf? :rofl:) or I have to automatically pay $600-700 a month. Claims the VISA card that they have on file that is allegedly mine ends in 4990. Claims she can still charge me even though she doesn’t have my cred card, claims I will still be billed and be delivered shipments. Claims the address she has for me on file is: 1377 Barracks Avenue, Chicago, Illinois - ZIP CODE: 60411 and claims UPS is still delivering shipments to that fake address which must mean somehow, because of that, I specifically still live there actively.

Claims the customer service number is: (877) 209-2198
Claims their company website is under maintenance, VERY hesitant to give me the link. Claims Head Office is in St George, UTAH but confirmed she was calling from Philippines. Only taking VISA, MASTERCARD OR DISCOVER.

Sounds like a wannabe MENS VITALITY WAREHOUSE 2.0 similar bunch of scammers. @Tillianne @MajorLeeAwesome @scamterminator2021 @drwat @BiggusPrickus



Hold Music.

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I’ve been on hold for a while.


Oh, it is our favorite Bella scammer from the Phillipines! She is very committed to selling fake dick pills. She is one angry tranny granny! @MajorLeeAwesome @Jhawk @Hviezdoslav

You should report them to the carrier for violations of TCPA and TSR at [email protected].

Clarification: this is the carrier for 260 number. It is a different carrier for 1-877 telephone number.


They have been scamming for quite some time, by the way. You should file a complaint to the 1-800 carrier called 7G Netwotk at [email protected]

Here is proof that they have a massive scam operation going on:


270# taken down by Centurylink


Wow, that was fast! Let’s see if 1-877 telephone number could be taken down too!

@MehNamesJeff - it is this 7G Carrier. Send them a legal demand email, as you used to do all the time. You have excellent communication skills! I shared their email address with you in the post above.


I still do, don’t fret friend! My apologies, I’ve got alot on my personal life plate to deal with right now which is slightly hindering me from continuously writing email after email!


No worries, mate. I understand.


(877) 209-2198 … Today, Saturday, at 11:00 am or so Central time in America, I called this toll-free number but the robo voice said to call Monday through Friday between 10 am and 6 pm Eastern time.

Drat, I wanted to speak with Bella!


Oh, yes, most scammers don’t do weekends lol. Don’t worry, my friend, she will be back at it on Monday! She may be utilizing her weekends to prostitute as a side gig :rofl::joy:


(877) 209-2198 … I am on the phone with a woman who goes by the fake name “Porsche” but I did not ask her to spell it. She pronounces it “Porsha” though.

On the next call I got a gal who said her name is Lisa.

On the next call a “Bella” answered. She does not sound like the older tranny Bella though!


I recommend for everyone to call (877) 209-2198 and ASK FOR BELLA. She was the one and only! Nobody could ever replace her in our hearts!


(877) 209-2198 … For the first time today, I am calling. I have a window of opportunity to mess with some criminals.

I am on hold still.

Doing my best impression of Marlon Brando in the old 1950s movie about the play A Street Car Named Desire, I will ask for … nay, I will plead and beg for Beeellaaaaaaaa in the most tortured manner possible!



Wait, finally “Daniel” answered. I asked to speak to Bella. He asked me my name. I told him my name is Stanley Kowalski, the name of the character in the play A Street Car Named Desire. He asked for my phone number but I told him I have an hour before I must leave and I can wait on hold for her. He said okay. I am waiting still with no hold music.

The counter of my TextNow call says I am 8 minutes and 11 seconds into the call. Who knows, maybe he is not even trying to get Bella on the phone. This “Daniel” answered my first call today with absolutely NO enthusiasm. It is rather early in your work week to be so demoralized, Daniel!

No, after 9 minutes the call dropped or someone on the other end hung up.

I am calling again and regardless of who answers, I will impersonate Marlon Brando in the movie and start pleading “Beeellllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Bellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”


This is just brilliant! I am very curious to hear how future developments with these scammers go. We NEED Bella!

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One one of my calls today, I got a woman named “Ella” and while speaking to her I started playing loudly a song sung by Ms. Ella Fitzgerald and she asked me to turn down the “noise” and of course I did so. (Really? She called the singing voice of Ms. Ella Fitzgerald NOISE?)

I remember this type of “scam” even in the old Bob’s Mosh Pit Conference Call system. You cannot ORDER products from this type of scammer call center. They only service products ordered by other companies. When you ask the names of the companies and for what type of products of those companies that these scammers “service,” they will not tell you. I guess this scam is to get email addresses of people to sell to email spammers/scammers? It does not seem like they are scamming people by selling products and getting a credit card payment on the phone and not sending any products for which the victim has paid.

These scammers in this thread seem to be the same. They need a name and email address to lookup your account. I tried with numbers in this thread to “order” products, e.g., VIAGRA :crazy_face:, but they said they only service other companies, and they would not tell me the name of those companies they service or the products of those other companies.

So I just try to string calls out for a lil’ while until my most friendly midwestern charm VANISHES and my uncouth language and mockery BEGINS.


Called the customer service number. Have no idea what the company is, she would not admit to the product, nor could she find any record of the purchase (makes sense), so I have no idea whether it’s a legit customer service # or not.