Mega triggered Amazon 877 712-2748

Scam Number: 877 712-2748

Additional information about this scam: I’ve been on them for 15 minutes and they are RAGING!!
I’m sure they’d love a few calls. :grin:
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Guy confirmed it was the “Amazon Bhenchod Department”
Apparently they don’t have “terrimakichoot” available in stock though at the moment. :frowning:


I’m in!

EDIT: You must have really messed with them as they were real quick to hang on me, lol. Shame on you T :joy: :shushing_face:


Awwwww, drat. I just tried a few times this number but after a few rings it goes to User Busy within my TextNow.

I will try again soon though.

Raging criminals are so very dear to my heart. :crazy_face:


Are you calling 877 712-2748?
They are still answering and absolutely furious :rofl:
Can you change your number?

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LoL. I’ve really been hitting them hard with short, mean calls.

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I am, but they are very short tempered and won’t play with me. :thinking:

I logged into my Google Fiber VOIP account and switched it to show Unknown Name rather than my own real phone number. I got a robotic female voice that has a British accent that says, “The number you have dialed cannot be reached from your calling area.”

I’ll try again with my TextNow. I should get a new TextNow number but at present I am too lazy. When I call from my TextNow number, after a few rings I get the “User Busy” within my TextNow call.


I gave them a short sharp blast with the big cannon
Their number is struggling slightly now
It’s behaving like shit and doesn’t ring properly at all before it drops dead
What a shame :grin:
They’ll resurface again


Damn, I just got a different TextNow number with a different area code than the last TextNow number that I’d gotten on 14-SEP-2022. Yeah, I know, I am long overdue in terms of getting a new TextNow number. Still though I get the User Busy within my TextNow after a few rings when I just tried calling with my new TextNow number.

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hey I think I got a call heard the guy yelling in the background

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Welcome back, @DJDavidKoresh!

yeah I have been offline for a while I have been busy at work but I keep getting phone calls from unknown numbers and it makes me wanna get back into the mess with scammers scene

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