Mega Million Sweepstakes 516-217-7684

Scam Number: 516-217-7684 (text mail subscriber#)
Domain Used:
Extra Info:
Michael Brown from Mega Million sweepstakes called to let me know I’ve won $2.5 million and a new 2022 Mercedes. This would only cost me $300 for process and delivery fees. I was asked to mail a check to Mega Million Headquarters @ 3660 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas NV, check made out to Vonnie Doll.
Told him, I’d write the check to Mega Millions Sweepstakes and he wasn’t too happy I was telling him how to do his job. He said it needed to be in the merchant bankers name of Vonnie Doll as she has been certified by the IRS for Mega Millions. I told him again only wrote out to Mega Millions. He argued with me. I simply ended the conversation by stating if you think I am mailing out a check to a trailer park you are wrong Mr. Brown… I think heard crickets


Reported to Las Vegas metro police. They are busy, but will be looking to visit Vonnie and have a word with him in the next 24 hours.


Thank You! I was going to call them myself and hadn’t gotten around to it.

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