Medicare/Dept of Ass Ass Eh - (800) 646-1807 (866) 383-6186

(800) via ZipWhip
(866) Inteliquent

“Automated call brought to you by the Medicare and Medicaid centers to inform you under the new cost of living adjustment. As of November 15, 2023, all Social Security beneficiary is entitled to receive an increase on their Social Security monthly benefits. For more information, please press one to speak with a representative or give us a call at your earliest convenient time at 866-383-6186 again, that’s 8663-8361 816.”

Scammers pick up as the “Medicare Dept. for SSA”


That’s almost identical to the calls that I am getting. I have what I believe are Pakiscummy scammers reading that script and calling from ‘unallocated’ numbers. As I was listening to your recording, I received another call from 815-665-1012 and it was much like what you posted. Targeting the 708/630/773/331 area codes.

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877-336-3582 -
866-219-2087 -

(815) is a Peerless number.

“Hello? Hi, this is Alan with the Social Security Administration office. We do apologize to be reaching out to you by phone. We’ve received an urgent alert that you’ve made changes to your Social Security account online. If you had not request a change, please contact your local Social Security office as soon as possible. The number for your office is 877-336-3582. Once more, the number is 877-336-3582. We do look forward in speaking with you. Have yourself a wonderful day. Bye.”


800-459-0310 - RingCentral
800-778-2042 - RingCentral